About us

We believe that there should be an open pathway for products, technologies and techniques to be utilised throughout the nuclear industry that can simplify and solve some of the most challenging problems.

Integrated Nuclear Group was founded with a simple vision; to help grow the nuclear supply chain by introducing and helping to grow companies to support the needs of the nuclear industry.

Whether your business is new to nuclear or looking to expand within this sector, we are here to guide you along the journey from initial assessment, through to continued and sustainable growth.

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Our Capabilities

Our Network is YOUR Strength

Through our vast network of consultants, we have the knowledge and experience to not only guide your business into the strongest position to win work within the Nuclear Industry, but also to substantially grow this area of your business through continued delivery support or aiding your business to become self-sustained.
Within our group we have countless years of combined experience across all sectors of the Industry. We have the expertise to be able to help your company; From Nuclear Decommissioning to Nuclear New Build, from Quality Control to Project Controls. 
Between us, we know the Nuclear Industry inside out.
However big or small, our consultants are available to support your bespoke requirements. Why suffer the stress recruiting and training resources for short term, specialist project requirements. We offer the flexibility to be able to provide this without any employment contracts or long term commitments.

Our Markets

With experience throughout the entire nuclear industry, we are proud to be able to support and guide your business in all of the following sectors:

Our Executive Consultants

Specialising in all aspects of Project Management, Contract Management and Business Development.

Experienced member of the senior leadership team in both large client and contractor side organisations, delivering design, manufacturing and on-site construction.

Wes Crome

Specialising in Engineering Projects across all Nuclear Sectors throughout the full lifecycle of a Project.  

Providing Leadership to some of the most complex and toughest technical challenges within decommissioning and defence.

Christopher Barnes

Specialising in Quality Management and Manufacturing Delivery within major client and supply chain organisations.

Experienced in all areas of Quality Assurance, Control and Audit, including management of specialist NDE processes.

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Prepare for Nuclear Today

Are you interested in whether your business has a viable offering for the nuclear industry?

We can complete an impartial ‘ready for nuclear’ assessment of your business and provide you with a gap analysis identifying any areas of growth required.

We have the capability to support your ambitions to expand into the nuclear industry.