Supporting You in Nuclear

We have the capabilities to support your ambitions to expand your business within the nuclear industry in the areas below:
Management and Commercial
Upskilling Your Workforce
Engineering, Design and Technical
Commissioning Support
Health, Safety and Environment
Safety Case and Radiological Protection

04. Kick-off

It is important to set off on the right footing.

Integrated Nuclear Group can help you plan and strategise the delivery of your works.

Having independent advice can help identify and clarify works to make sure your business is not carrying undue risk.

05. Delivery

Struggling to fulfil one aspect of your contracted work? Integrated Nuclear Group has multiple capabilities to support you in the delivery of specialist tasks.

With our experience throughout the Nuclear Industry we know that standards are set at the highest bar. Some of the requirements may be foreign to your everyday business. We can assist your business in delivering Nuclear work.

See Our Capabilities to see how we can support the delivery of your works in multiple areas.

06. Growth

We can offer an array of contract management support services to your business, from up-front tender independent advice, through to full contract management services with our network of contract managers and quantity surveyors, with experiences of managing both contractor and client side contracts. We will ensure that you are maximising the leverage of your commercial position.

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