Business Development

With Integrated Nuclear Group's extensive network we believe that we are in a strong position to be able to match your business to opportunities that are already out there in the Nuclear industry.

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Opportunity Matching

Integrated Nuclear Group keep up to date with many of the Contracts that are being advertised within the Nuclear Industry. If you register with us Integrated Nuclear Group will keep you informed of new Contracts that may be of interest to your business.


We want you to focus upon your strengths; your every day business. Integrated Nuclear Group brings strong knowledge and experience of the Nuclear side. Together there are many Opportunities within the Nuclear Industry that can be targeted, that individually would not be possible.

We believe it is at least worth a discussion to see the benefits that a partnership could bring.

Government Grants

Integrated Nuclear Group keep abreast of the latest grants available and can advise your business of the most suitable grants to apply for and support you through the application process to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Events and Marketing

Let us support your business in targeted events planning and advice on how to best market your business within the nuclear sector.

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