Safety Case & Radiological Protection

We understand that it can be daunting when beginning work within the nuclear industry with requirements that are specific to nuclear work and working with ionising radiation.

It is likely that before engaging with your business the customer will have looked into your businesses understanding of these areas and whether your workforce are suitable to be used in this area.

Depending on your contract the customer may be providing this expertise for you, but in others the Customer will be expecting you to be self performing certain tasks. We can help you understand the requirements, providing confidence that you are working in accordance with best practice.

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Nuclear Safety Case

The Nuclear Safety Case will be one of the nuclear specific requirements that may be new to your business. This assesses the radiological protection requirements, ranging from the protection required for your business to undertake the task (decommissioning & operations), to the requirements being implemented through these works (operations & new build.)

Our experts can help translate some of the requirements and provide confidence that the Safety Case is being met.

Radiological Protection

Within our group we have access to qualified Radiological Protection Advisors, who can provide support to your business and provide confidence the works can be undertaken within Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR17).

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