Health, Safety & Environment

We understand that it can be daunting and often confusing when trying to understand all of the Health, Safety, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance requirements when delivering work within the nuclear sector.

Within Integrated Nuclear Group, we have experienced consultants that can supplement your business to deliver these requirements to the satisfaction of your clients, whilst providing you with the confidence that your business is working appropriately under these regulations.

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Health & Safety

Any prospective customer will be expecting health and safety to be treated as a priority within the works being undertaken. Our Health and Safety consultants have the experience in analysing existing procedures to make sure your business is operating at the highest standards and in accordance with known Client expectations. We can undertake a safety culture survey to help identify the areas that can be improved, see Company Culture.

Our consultants can assist you by supporting setting up Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) or Safe Systems of Work (SSOW), see Construction Management.


At Integrated Nuclear Group we have experienced Environmental Engineers that can carry out multiple different tasks to support your business, whether that is undertaking Best Available Technique (BAT) or Best Practicable Means (BPM) assessments, developing Environmental Management Plans or by assisting you in planning for mitigating environmental risks introduced through the works.

Regulatory Compliance

We can offer support to your business and provide the confidence that your company will be meeting both it's Legal Compliance and Contractual Governance requirements.

At Integrated Nuclear Group, we can provide you with easy to understand guidance on achieving compliance with everything from industry wide regulations to more specific compliance with any one of the 36 nuclear site license conditions.

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