Introducing You to Nuclear

We have the capability to support your ambitions to expand into the nuclear industry in the following areas:
Management and Commercial
Upskilling Your Workforce
Engineering, Design and Technical
Commissioning Support
Health, Safety and Environment
Safety Case and Radiological Protection


Your business may already be looking at expansion into the Nuclear industry. We can offer impartial advice on what we perceive to be your strengths and the weaknesses and look to develop areas that may be preventing your company from winning work within the nuclear industry.

If you are interested about whether your business has a viable offering for the nuclear industry, contact us for advice. We can complete an impartial ‘ready for nuclear’ assessment of your business and provide you with a gap analysis identifying areas of growth required.

02. Develop

Having identified areas for growth within your business, our consultants at Integrated Nuclear Group are able to help develop any areas of weakness and look to sharpen your strengths to maximise your company's offering to the nuclear sector.

We can provide you with experienced resources for short term deliverables or support your company in developing your processes, standards and employee knowledge.

Review Our Capabilities pages for further information on specific areas in which we can support you.

03. Bid & Win

We understand that it can be daunting when bidding for work within the nuclear sector with so many requirements, standards, specifications, cross referenced documents, flow down terms and more, it’s no surprise that many organisations are fearful of entering the nuclear supply chain. 

Whether it is your first bid, you require some support on areas of improvement on the back of several failed bids or you are experienced in producing tenders, but just need some independent assurance, below are some examples of where we can support you in bid preparations.
Providing full end to end bid development, from pre-qualification, requirements capture through to compliant and competitive bid formation within the required timescales.
Facilitating tender reviews, chairing and directing kick off meetings (KOMs), developing tender schedules, supporting client consultations, advising on estimating techniques, NEC3/NEC4 contract review / advice.
Providing specific expertise in quality / procurement / commissioning / construction / installation / estimation, we can provide a highly experienced consultant to support you in developing specific areas of your tender.
We can provide as little or as much support and advice as you require to ensure that you stand the best possible chance of being awarded the contract, through providing an independent review of your bid prior to submission
When finally taking the steps towards contract award we can offer that reassurance that you are not commercially exposed by signing up to work unknowingly, with key deliverables being overlooked.
We will identify areas of your bid where cost / schedule efficiencies or savings could be made to increase your chances of acceptance and to benefit your organisation if your offer is accepted.

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