Company Culture

Your business performance and reputation is directly linked to the culture within the company. We offer a range of services to identify any gaps or shortcomings in the culture within your organisation.

We can offer advice and insight into best practice from across a diverse range of industry sectors and recommend how to best integrate this into your business to achieve maximum benefit.

Our services include:

Safety Culture Survey

As with all of our services, these are tailored to your exact needs e.g. if you have a specific safety concern, are seeing a trend forming or are concerned that your employees are hiding their views on the safety culture within your organisation, we can focus on specific areas as per your needs.

We have found that employees are much more likely to be open and honest when approached by an independent party than they are when approached for their view by management within their own organisation.

We can support you by:

Quality Culture Survey

A quality culture survey highlights your companies strengths and areas that require focus.

Our consultants have many years experience working in highly quality focused and regulated industries, delivering quality requirements on large scale construction projects and within manufacturing organisations where maintaining the quality standards are imperative. Using this experience we can advise on what improvements can be made.

We can support you by:

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