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Our experienced consultants love nothing more than imparting their knowledge on others to supporting the growth of nuclear talent and the nuclear supply chain.

We can offer task specific services or development of your workforce to support sustainable long term delivery.

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Our services include:

SQEP Review

Prior to delivering any work within the nuclear industry you must demonstrate that the work will be undertaken by Suitably Qualified Experienced Personnel (SQEP).
Integrated Nuclear Group can provide an independent SQEP review of your workforce to provide confidence to your clients or identify areas of upskilling required.

Integrated Nuclear Group can upskill your employees to ensure that all involved are SQEP to carry out their roles and responsibilities if gaps are found. Integrated Nuclear Group have the ability to provide any training required in house to close gaps.

An example of this would be how to generate manufacturing test plans and basic quality control requirements that are necessary for higher Quality Grade Manufacture.

SQEP Development

Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) are one of the most important factors in nuclear quality. Prospective clients will require that your company has SQEP resources throughout your business and will expect demonstration of this.
We can help ensure that any deficiencies are identified and addressed to help improve your business.

Integrated Nuclear Group SQEP Services

We have SQEP consultants available to supplement your workforce for one-off, short term or continued engagements.

This removes the stress, risk and cost out of recruitment and training, whilst also providing your clients with confidence in your ability to reach back into Integrated Nuclear Group's wealth of nuclear experience across all key disciplines.

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