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We understand that it can be daunting and often confusing when trying to understand all of the Quality requirements when delivering work within the nuclear industry. To many businesses this is another level of process definition, control & record keeping.

Within Integrated Nuclear Group, we have experienced consultants that can supplement your business, providing you with the confidence that your business is working appropriately under the requirements and that the works are delivered to the satisfaction of your clients .

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Our expertise within nuclear quality allows us to provide a helping hand with all quality related elements such as:


Quality Assurance and Quality Control are vital within the nuclear industry. Integrated Nuclear Group can offer to review your company's QA and QC processes to ensure that they are fully supporting your organisation in providing a compliant product, along with the required documentation to the complete satisfaction of your clients.

Authoring & Reviewing Quality Documentation

The basis of a successful project is having the quality procedures in place. Integrated Nuclear Group are able to author or review any technical documentation required on your nuclear project.

These documents include:

SQEP Review

Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) are one of the most important factors in nuclear quality. You will need to demonstrate to prospective clients that you have SQEP resources in key roles throughout your business as part of the bid submission.

We can help by completing an independent SQEP review of your resources and ensure that any deficiencies are identified and addressed or filled with ING's SQEP consultants to help improve your chances of success and ongoing business development.

QMS Review

We offer a full Quality Management System (QMS) review to identify any areas that may need to be bolstered to ensure compliance within the nuclear industry.

Our consultants will guide you on best practice in accordance with industry standards.

LTR Compilation

Life Time Records (LTR) compilation is often under estimated by new companies within the nuclear supply chain. We can ensure that your company understands exactly what is required and how the LTR’s are going to be built and delivered to the client, from developing a compliant LTR index through to providing independent assurance on LTR compilation.

LTRs are also know as LTQRs or LQRs.

Quality Grading

Quality grading in the nuclear industry is how a clients identify a level of risk on a product, the higher the risk to nuclear safety the higher the quality levels implied. We can help ensure your company knows how to evaluate quality grades to ensure you provide a realistic price and a compliant product.

We can also support you in delivery with testing of materials/products to ensure they are compliant with the quality grades specified.

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